10 days Return Policy

10 days Refund Policy

In an impossibe situation wherein you are not satisfied with the quality of our product, you can retrun the same in 10 days and take a refund. No question asked. This refund will be proportional to the quantity returned vis-a-vis price paid (after deducting all proportionate discount initially given on the product in question)


10 days Refund Process

Refund claimm under 10 days return policy to be made in writing through e-mail at feedback@madovernuts.com. Your communication should cleary be captioned as "10 DAYS REFUND POLICY CLAIM".

In the same communication, you have to provide details of invoice (name of product you bought, date of purchase, quantity of purchase, Final Price paid by you for the product under consideration, month of packaging, batch no.). Alongwith these details, you have to also provide your valid bank account details. We amy ask you such further details to ensure the quality of our product.

Refund will be made through crossed cheque only.

We may also ask to take such confirmation from you in writing which to establish valid discharge of your claim.

On payment of requisite amont, no further claim shall be entertained and will be treated as final discharge of all our liability.

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